2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 SC2 Team Game Strategy


I feel that there is inadequate guides regarding the Team Games strategies whether in the form of 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Starcraft 2 is considered a 1v1 Strategy game and minimal emphasis has been put into its sad brothers Team Games. Team Games are deemed 'Unserious' or just fun games where you can play casually with your mates. However, team games is a different type of game as compared to 1v1 where a great emphasis is being placed on the teamwork of your team. It's often considered 25% contribution from each players in a 4v4 match.

I personally has log on to the North American (NA) server a couple of weeks ago just to try out some 4v4 Random Team games. Do take note, I cant play on the NA server for having over 300 ping. And to my surprise, during the first 10 seconds of the game, people start LEAVING. I was like OMG lol Icon Hunters. In the end, it seems to be 2v2 while having the income of 4 players. So you start with a free extra expansion.

I personally prefer bad players to just leave the game as the remaining allies will benefit more from this extra income. A 33% boost in your income means you can have a 6 Gate instead of a normal 4 gate. And if you are a good player, this translates to a even larger gain for you as you can easily take down one of opposing players in no time. I'll take this as Economies of Scale. More will be gain at the early part of the game as you can massed more units or having a better tech faster.

Often times when my Arranged Team mate, drops from my 4v4 game, I'm personally happy. This is due to my ability to have a better macro micro than most of my opponents.

Lets stop this rambling. My main point for this post is that I'll write a few series of articles regarding the strategy and core from the team game perspective, probably being broken down into a few series. As I feel there are a huge players of SC2 are actually into Team Games such as 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 and are seriously looking for guides and tips to improve their gameplay. These group of players are more towards the casual gaming as compared to the hardcoreness of 1v1. I have personally played over one thousand games of team games with my clan mates. Do take note, I play Random for my Team games currently. So I have the insight from each race perspective. My team mates has a 46-0 or so 4v4 record if I'm not mistaken. uRvPhoenix the chief of clan is a Team Game whore!! Do drop some comment to me if you prefer what I write about for these series.

Anyway cheers.

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