How to micro Marines like a pro? Stutter Step

Here's a very important microing technique that every Terran players have to know whether any league your in. Most Platinum, Diamonds and Masters players use this to the maximum extend in every matchup they face either in 1v1 solo games or even team games. If you have watched pro matches, replays or video casts, you can always see the Terran player's Marine micros.

Stutter Step

This is the general term given to Marines micro, where the player timed his Marines to shoot once and move and the shoot once again and it goes on. Take for example, this works best when a group of 16 Marines are facing against 32 Zerglings (with or without Speed Upgrade). Without any micro the Zerglings can easily flank and surround your Marines in no time thus, raping hard your army.

But with a good Stutter step micro, the 24 Marines can easily take out the outnumbered amount of 32 Zerglings without any heavy loses. Here's how you do it.

First Set your Army of Marines to Hotkey 1, or whatever keys your most comfortable with. If the Zerglings are running forward to you and trying for a surround, RIGHT CLICK behind your Marines to make them run back a few steps, and press STOP, the 'S' button. When your Marines, are stopped, they will shoot the Zerglings. After the animation or after your Marines has done a shot, repeat the process again by moving your Marines back and the Press 'S' again. If you see the Zerglings running back, you can move forward to them and repeat.

Why this works is due to the Marine having a cool down after each shot. With proper practice, you can perfectly micro your Marines to eliminate the cool down while moving. Without a good surrounds, Zerglings fall fast to Marines. Try to practice this as much and soon you'll be a master of Stutter Step micro and this will lead to another step on going up the league.

Stutter step micro makes Marines very efficient against Zerglings and even every other units and in other matchups. Goodluck.


  1. Now I know. Thanks!

  2. forgot to mention that u need to use ctrl+shift+f

  3. its for fat people

  4. was it really that easy? i was doing a left click right click a left click right click and so on and it was hurting my hand. i tend to over complicate my life a lot and it shows even in SC2 lol

    1. Your way is better for stalkers micro. Right Click them back 'Attack' Ground or focus a unit. Then right click them back again.

      For Marines best way is 1. Right click to move them. 2. Then press 'S'. 3. Right click repeat.

      Repeat this until you get your timings right. The Marines should move shoot move shoot. Too early or too late is bad.

  5. tbere are some very good maps to practice this



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